In recent years, medical tourism has become widespread in Uzbekistan, as well as throughout the world, as an opportunity and way to obtain the necessary medical services outside the country of residence.Today, the material and technical base and human resources of many medical, diagnostic and health institutions provide the opportunity to carry out the most complex medical interventions, which until recently were only possible abroad. Moreover, the cost of these services (with comparable quality) is sometimes an order of magnitude lower than similar services in foreign clinics.The Association of Medical Tourism of the Republic of Uzbekistan, created in March 2020, has identified one of its most important tasks as raising awareness of domestic and foreign citizens about the emerging opportunities for obtaining modern medical and health services in the territory of Uzbekistan, as well as providing advisory and practical assistance to citizens in finding and selection of the medical institutions and specialists they need.One of the latest initiatives to make it easier for potential patients to find the clinics and specialists they need was the launch of the “HamkorMed” platform on the basis of the Association.

Now it is enough to make only one call to the call-center at the number (+998 78-11-333-78) to start the “information chain” (call-center operator – call-center doctor-coordinator – specialist from a health care institution) to search and select the most suitable clinics and specialists for the patient, not only in Uzbekistan, but also abroad.In other words, now patients do not need to call dozens of institutions, listen to the advice of not always competent people, delve into the wilds of the Internet, etc. “HamkorMed” will do all this part of the work itself at the highest professional level and offer it to the patient to choose from. He can only choose the option that suits him most. It is important that this service is free for patients.