Message from the Chairman of the Association

I am very pleased to welcome you to the official website of the Medical Tourism Association of the Republic of Uzbekistan! In recent years, along with the traditional “educational and entertainment” tourism, medical tourism is becoming more widespread, which includes the practice of providing medical services outside the country of residence, combining recreation abroad with receiving highly qualified medical care. Currently, medical tourism is very popular in various countries of the world.

Along with the level of development of medicine, the factors that ensure the dynamics of the development of medical tourism are the political and civil stability of the region, territorial accessibility, linguistic and ethnic tolerance of the local population, climatic factors, the possibility of combining treatment and acquaintance with unique historical, archaeological and natural sites, as well as transport infrastructure.

In this sense, Uzbekistan, which geographically occupies a central position in Central Asia and is located at the intersection of the largest transport arteries, compares favorably with a number of neighboring and distant countries.

The health care system functioning in Uzbekistan, which has absorbed the positive experience of many generations of domestic and foreign schools of medicine and is dynamically developing in modern conditions, along with a wide network of specialized medical centers created and being created, public and private clinics, provides a good basis for providing a variety of high-tech medical services.

Moreover, the list of such services is replenished annually, increasing the potential for the development of medical tourism in the country. The Association is at the beginning of its long and difficult journey. But I am optimistic about the future and believe that our effective cooperation for the benefit of the people not only of Uzbekistan, but also of all foreign countries will bear fruit, helping to improve the level and quality of medical services provided to those in need.

Akobir F. Shukurov

Chairman of the Association